Clinical Engineering



Specialised Clinical Engineering Services are provided:


Verification of Medical Device

Providing safe medical services in remote areas can be challenging. One of the significant challenges which responsible companies face, is ensuring that their medical equipment is safe for the medical staff and patient, as well as conforming to manufacturer specifications. Harsh environments, reliance on electrical generators and poor access to quality maintenance services all affect the condition of the equipment.

REAF Verification provides the critical service of verifying equipment performance, on site, through experienced technicians who utilise a comprehensive set of sophisticated test equipment.

Our independence from any manufacturing company (OEM) is key to the integrity of our service and w therefore do not repair or sell equipment.


Operational Clinical Engineering Management

The Clinical Engineering department, or Health Technology Services, within hospitals are often overlooked as it is not the core business of a hospital. This is however a department that manages the largest capital expenditure of a healthcare facility and if it is not managed well could result in unnecessary cost and even medico legal risk.

REAF can assist in :

  • Compliance to Regulations.
  • Implement or improve Maintenance Strategies, Policies and Procedures
  • Technological Advancement- Assessment, acquisition and implementation of new technologies