Quality Management Systems (QMS)

ISO13485 (Medical Devices) Implementation and Auditing. Medical Device Regulations Compliance and SAHPRA License applications

Clinical Engineering

Operational Clinical Engineering, management and verification of Medical Equipment. Medical Device specifications, evaluations, procurement/ sourcing.

General Consulting

Due diligence Audits, Assessment Audits and Asset Audits. Strategic planning, and development of Standard Operating procedures. Healthcare Facility Planning and design reviews.

Introduction to REAF Consulting


Who We Are

REAF Consulting is an independent healthcare consulting company based in Centurion, South Africa. We specialise in offering the highest quality services to first-world standards in developing world environments.

Our current area of focus is the continent of Africa, but we are able to offer services globally.

Our team is comprised of qualified experts with a wealth of experience in all aspects of healthcare service delivery in Africa.


Our areas of expertise are:

  • Quality Management Systems – ISO13485 (Medical devices), Implementation and Auditing.
  • Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices and SAHPRA Licensing. (South Africa)
  • CE marking – Medical Devices
  • Health Technology – Specification, planning, procurement, assessments, and verification.
  • Health Planning- Facility planning and design reviews.